As the saying goes “Birds of a feather flock together” so when co-directors, and now best friends Larissa and Marina got together they knew it was the beginning of something very different and special.


Instantly drawn to each other’s shared passion for client care, Two Birds Consulting took flight in 2013 and since then has continued to attract a loyal client following by making a real difference in their businesses.

Two Birds Consulting takes the worry and stress away from managing your back-of-house business operations, so you can focus on those activities that will make a tangible difference to you and your clients.

With complimentary skills in Financial Management, General Business Management, Systems Management, Human Resource Management and Compliance Reporting, Two Birds Consulting provide an affordable and effective alternative to hiring, training and managing staff for non-core activities. Through the guidance of a knowledgeable team, advanced systems and cloud-based solutions, we provide an invaluable service.

Two Birds Consulting values the deep relationships it has built with its clients, driven by a reputation for consistency and reliability. We service the SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) market,  in particular creative industries such as Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering, Construction, Professional Services and more.

At Two Birds Consulting our clients are the hero’s, and whilst they reach for the sky we prefer to fly under the radar, letting our results speak for themselves. We’d love you to join our flock and see what all the non-fuss is about.

Larissa Leone & Marina Spina

– Co-Directors Two Birds Consulting –


Our founding principles are built upon these values. They are important to us and guide everything we do;

GENUINENESS – We truly care for our clients because we know how hard they work to achieve business success.
APPROACHABILITY – Unlike many corporates we seek to build deeper, more meaningful relationships.
ACCOUNTABILITY – We ensure everything we do makes a measurable difference for our clients with accuracy and reliability as our trademarks.
MODESTY – It’s not about us, its about you and we’re quite happy working behind the scenes so you can reach the sky.
COURAGE – We will challenge and question, innovate and explore, making a tangible difference.


Two Birds Consulting’s mission is to take the worry and stress out of running a business by providing affordable, reliable and experienced back-of-house managed services so our clients can focus on those activities that make a tangible difference to them and their clients.

  • Understanding you and your business
  • Retaining talented and motivated people
  • Employing latest technologies and automation and
  • Identifying and sharing knowledge.


To see our clients ascend beyond their greatest expectations, doing what they do best and building amazing organisations by realising the benefits of true partnerships.


Whilst our style can be relaxed and easy-going our approach is proven and always professional…we just make it a more enjoyable experience than most.


We know your business is unique and your passion to deliver your craft is unwavering; common with all business owners. Our experience ensures we understand what drives you and what holds you back, crafting an approach that keeps you focused on what matters whilst we support you in getting there.


Change requires empowered people so we bring together our project leads with your team and relevant third parties to ensure project success. In this way Two Birds will lead the change and transformation process and ensure take-up.


Our clients come in all shapes and sizes; some need a little help and others need a lot more. Regardless of whether it’s refining business processes and optimising systems or designing and implementing them from scratch, we’ll get you where you want to be with little fuss.


Prototype in hand, it’s now time to test the solution. Working with the implementation team we’ll establish safe ways to test, measure and tweak the result. Working across the relevant business units, Two Birds will continue to refine until you are satisfied, then push through to go-live date.


After a successful trial run and implementation, it’s now time to lock in the new way of doing things as the ‘new normal.’ Over time, there is often a need to make further adjustments so we’ll keep things rolling along, informing you along the way without too much fuss.

"The enjoyment comes from the relationships we foster and the care we give through an experienced team with the skills to resolve any matter with confidence."

– Larissa & Marina –


Prior to starting Two Birds Consulting in 2013 Larissa had high aspirations of one day running her own consultancy, one where she could share her extensive knowledge and experience more broadly.

Together with her role as Co-Director, Larissa champions the client management function and through her innovative approach and genuine desire to make a difference she has helped transform many organisations back of house functions into efficient, high performing operations.

It’s her impeccable communication skills and unwavering commitment to honesty and transparency that puts her clients at ease, earning her a reputation of trusted advisor.

Drawing from her extensive management experience in Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design, Town Planning and Construction, Larissa exercises her technical competency and soft skills to lead people and practice with optimal results.


Marina has an unquenchable passion for business and a real aptitude for financial management and project integrity. She believes that with the right guidance and commitment every business can enjoy the benefits of being in complete control of their financial success.

As Co-Director and lead solutions advisor, Marina is driven by an innate curiosity to solve problems. In doing so she identifies better ways to manage the efficiency and effectiveness of her client’s external projects with clarity and consistency.
Through her deep understanding and hands-on approach gained working in large multi-disciplinary design firms, Marina knows what performance metrics are essential for good project health.

Attuned to best practice principles Marina keeps her clients well informed on the latest practice advancements and works collaboratively with them to design, implement and imbed tailored solutions and ensure that knowledge is transferred to the operational team.